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TV Shows

Multi Media Productions has been a leading developer and producer of lifestyle television programs for more than a decade. Our Emmy® award-winning shows capture the imagination of viewers and garner successful ratings for our network partners.

A Taste of History®

RLTV Cable Network Series. For six seasons, A Taste of History has traveled back to the 18th century to bring America’s culinary history to life

Ditchin' My Kitchen®

MYTV Show. Kitchen Designer Jerry Hankins transforms a hum-drum kitchen into a state of the art cooks’ dream.

River Dogs®

A&E Network Pilot, River Dogs. Dan Breen is loud and eccentric. This Hulk Hogan-esque, local celebrity battles with his nemesis, Hotdog Man, owner of a competing tubing businesses on the river.

Make it Italian!®

FOOD Network Pilot. This 115 year-old family restaurant, Eddie and Jimmy Rubino Make it Italian, with the ever-present eye of their Mom who lives next-door

Secret Revolution®

MILITARY. There is much intrigue surrounding America's battle for independence - Secret Revolution is an adrenaline-spiked glimpse into the secret acquisition and implementation of artillery.

Big Top®

PILOT. Meet the talented families who embrace life under the Big Top and work together in a traveling circus.

Mamma Medium®

TLC PILOT. Warm, engaging and with plenty of AT-TI-TUDE, spiritual medium Theresa Roba, helps people eager to connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

Chef Ian®

Ian Knauer cooks fresh and fabulous farm-to-table food from his idyllic centuries-old farmhouse.

Dietz & Watson

Dietz & Watson is the second largest producer of deli meats in the US and has been a client of Multi Media Productions for 7 years. When Dietz and Watson needed a training video series, they selected MMP to create it. MMP has also helped to produce original TV spots and other creative media and promotional activities for Dietz and Watson to attract new customers.

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MMP has produced over 50 product specific instructional videos for Atlee Burpee Seed Company, and we are producing more all the time. Within a few short months, some segments have garnered more than 50,000 views – exceeding client expectations. As a result of this success, Lowe’s Stores now carry Burpee retail instructional videos at point of sale.

LaSalle University

LaSalle University has had a relationship with MMP for more than 10 years. For LaSalle, MMP creates innovative admissions marketing videos to attract prospective students, as well as profiles of professors, majors and campus life. Our Capital campaign videos have been instrumental in raising millions of dollars in funding for the university.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Veeva UK Animation

Victoria Cruise Promo

Sandals Resorts

About Us

Emmy® award-winning

Multi Media Productions is an award-winning team of digital video experts. For over 18 years, we've developed video content to motivate, persuade, inspire and achieve measurable results.
  • innovative and emerging media
  • effective, engaging video that resonates
  • storytelling expertise
  • consistent quality - compelling content, engaging cinematography, superb graphics
  • link – digital output, instantly uploaded to all media
  • value – Hollywood quality on a budget

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